Our company provides a wide range of services related to the application of decorative and protective coatings of copper, tin, Nickel, zinc, bismuth and chromium by electroplating on metal products. It is drawing on a metal surface by chemical or metallic coating and is called electroplating. Our company uses modern and professional equipment to perform these operations.

When electroplating are such processes: surface cleaning, degreasing, etching. Prior to application of galvanic coatings can be laser cutting, machining, bending, heat treatment, welding, and other activities. The use of chemical reagents allows to give the product the properties:

  • anticorrosive;
  • protective and decorative;
  • decorative;
  • anti-friction;
  • hardness and wear resistance.

Power "TEHMASH-UKRAINA" allow you to perform the following types of jobs:

  • anodized aluminum;
  • cadmium-plating;
  • galvanizing;
  • chrome;
  • copper plating;
  • nickel;
  • etching metal;
  • electropolishing stainless steel;
  • sand blasting (removing layers of paint);
  • powder coating.

Repair parts and creating a decorative-protective layer by electroplating.

The desire to make the car even more beautiful and individual, can be easily translated into reality, thanks to the possibility to carry out the plating by electroplating, and the restoration of the coating method hand mirror polishing (with simultaneous creation of a protective layer). To make parts mirror-metallic look with the chrome plating parts. The thus treated parts are resistant to the environment.

The most popular among our services are the plating of metal, plating parts, electroplating, chrome plating, galvanizing, Nickel plating. Due to the electrolytic component of the plating process, there is opportunity to significantly extend the service life of products in their intensive use. In addition, in the plating process it is possible a partial restoration of worn elements.

We offer customers a reasonable, profitable price for the delivery of high quality electroplating works, as we are interested in lasting, permanent, mutually beneficial cooperation. We can be made detailed calculation of electrochemical coatings, and the development of individual business proposals. Technical specification for execution of works can be sent by e-mail [email protected]

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