Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting of metals is used in many fields of construction and production. Our specialists are professionals who have extensive experience and the skills to cope with the task quickly and efficiently.

Ultra-modern and high quality equipment is used by our specialists makes it possible to perform plasma cutting and cutting of metal using a specialized CNC machine. Also among our professional equipment has modern gantry CNC cutting machine RUM 3000GP.

Models from the RUM equipped with facilities of flame cutting, which are unique in its kind. These plants are characterized by a high degree of automation, as well as have bilateral rail tracks and wiring of various cables, hoses.

This equipment has some features:

  • Calculation and tracking of the height of a plasma torch in accordance with the voltage of the electric arc.
  • Idle speed can vary from 50-20000 mm/min.
  • Automatic support height of the main burner in operation, and cutting.
  • Fully welded portal without bolted joints linear displacement along the transverse axis of the floating cutting heads output 1 head out of cutting area (Parking zone) restriction of movement of the portal thanks to limit switches along the axis X-X and Y-Y CNC system PIERCE 19.
  • Backlash-free connection of a pair of gear — toothed rack.
  • Automatic altitude hold burner in the process.
  • Automatic setup of height of a plasma torch.
  • Tracking of plasma torch height by arc voltage.
  • Idle speed 50-20000 mm/min. automatic gas console.

Gas cutting

The gas that is used for cutting metal, is purified oxygen (degree of purification should not be less than 99.7 per cent). As the combustible gas can be used acetylene, propane or simply natural gas, whose pressure must not fall below 0.6 ATM.

Using individual sketches or drawings of the customer, our company is ready to offer services of figured cutting of metal. In this case, the metal thickness can be from 1 to 200 mm, Such work is possible if to use technology automated plasma cutting.

During the plasma of the river our specialists are able to achieve high precision of the indicators close to 0,2 mm. All this is possible thanks to the extensive experience of our employees and modern equipment with a powerful and accurate CNC. The dimensions of a product or part that you need to do can reach 2000 to 6000 mm.

The advantage of plasma cutting sheet metal are:

  • Very high speed and high precision cutting.
  • A real opportunity to cut different alloys with thickness up to 200 mm.
  • Quite low price.

The cost of works associated with plasma cutting depends on the complexity and scope required by the customer.

Technical specifications for gantry machines thermal cutting RUM 3000GP:

Parameters name Norm
Width of processed sheet, mm. 2000
The length of processed sheet, mm. 6000
The minimum diameter cut hole:
— plasma technology source Hypertherm HPR-400XD 10 (but no less than 1.5 metal thickness)
— газокислородная технология 15 (but no less than 1.5 metal thickness)
Vertical stroke of movement of the cutter, mm. 250
The size of gauge rail track, mm. 3000
Machine height, mm. 2000
The length of the track, mm. 8000
Number of supports (cutters) 2 (1-plasma 1-oxy-fuel)
The travel speed of the machine, mm/min. from 50 to 20000
The fidelity of a given circuit:
— with CNC system PIERCE 19 ± 0.2 mm.
— precision cutting along the contour of the plasma below ± 0,2 mm.
— precision cutting along the contour of the gas not below ± 0,4 mm.
— the thickness of the cut sheet, mm. (Steel)
Technology plasma source Hypertherm HPR-400XD:
— the thickness low carbon non-alloyed steel sample, mm. from 0.5 to 50
— the thickness low carbon steel religiouns from the edge, mm. from 0.5 to 50
Oxy-fuel technology:
— the thickness of the metal at the breakdown, mm. from 4 to 150
— the thickness of the cut metal from the edge, mm. from 4 to 200
— the speed of the raising and lowering of cutter mm/min. 100-2400
— the regulation limits the working current of the cutting arc, A 45-400
Power system three-phase AC
The location of the cut sheet cutting table
The machine is equipped with CNC PIERCE 19
Stabilization of the distance between the cutters and cut sheet automatic, with the possibility of switching to manual
Consumed power, kW.
— the power consumed MTR RUM 3000 GP 5,5
— the power consumed by the source Hypertherm HPR-XD 400 80
— operating temperature, C from +5 to +400

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