Grinding is a complex machining process, or any other metal parts and surfaces using a specially designed abrasive materials with the purpose of giving them exceptional smoothness. Sanding is a special kind of work that allows to achieve very high clarity and surface smoothness. The grinding is the final step in the processing of products and parts.

The company "TEHMASH-UKRAINA" offers services in the field of grinding of any complexity. Our specialists are professionals of the highest level, which guarantees high quality of services we provide.

We offer the following:

  • Internal and external cylindrical grinding.
  • Flat grinding dimensions up to 500х800 mm, precision up to ± 0.01 mm.
  • Grinding internal surfaces and flat parts etc.

Our professionals use only the most modern equipment that allows providing the customer a high quality end product. We use specialized equipment and cutting tools made from special granules of abrasive material. The use of modern materials allows many times to increase the quality of the metal, respectively, to ignore the defects of the various parts, dirt, rust. Also the use of this equipment allows processing of all types of metals.

Any individual wishes or requirements of the customer are performed in the shortest possible time. And unique equipment, which includes grinding machines of new generation, allows to exclude all possible errors and defects. This eliminates the possibility of defect in the final product. Our capacities allow to cope with the work of any volume and complexity, ranging from the treatment of the shell and finishing all kinds of work that require grinding of any parts. Quality guarantee is our company long-term and pleasant cooperation with any customer. That's why our specialists rule out the presence of defective products or any other problems and disagreements.

Our company is always happy and mutually beneficial long-term cooperation. We are always happy to develop business relationships with their partners.

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