The process of making different parts with teeth, for example, of gears is a precise high-tech method and special mechanical treatment, also referred to as gear hobbing works. Contacting our company, you will have the opportunity in the short term to get high-quality gear. Order volume can vary from large parties to just a few pieces. Small batches can be manufactured within one day after acceptance of the order. Our production facilities enable to perform a hobbing operation of various scale and complexity. Also have the ability to manufacture according to individual sketches and drawings.

This version of the production allows you to insure your production downtime. In case of malfunctions or breakdown of any gear on your equipment you can always order any of the gear part or gear in our factory. This will save you from the need to contact the manufacturer and stop a certain area of your production for quite a long period.

Our specialists are ready to perform works of different complexity:

  • The toothing and the inner sprocket according to your drawing.
  • Manufacturing of special gears with internal gearing.
  • Production of unique sprockets for chain drives.
  • Sharpening or rounding of the teeth on cylindrical wheels.
  • Manufacture any non-standard parts according to your designs and requirements.

In our high-tech workshops are equipped with modern equipment that allows to obtain a high quality result. Our experts use modern zubostrogalnye cutters, disc cutters, special modular bolt cutters and other precision instruments.

Work is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The cost of the production of work depends on the amount of the desired party and the complexity of the tasks. Our company will perform and larger orders (up to 1000 parts).

In case of urgent need we are ready to produce to produce one or more parts.

Depending on the tasks we are able to manufacture products from both hard and soft metals. There is a possibility of processing of various metals and polymers such as epoxy and others. All production passes strict quality control, and finished products meet all international quality standards.

Our company provides very favorable conditions for cooperation. To fully meet customer needs, we are ready to fulfill orders even the smallest sizes.

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