Jig-boring work allow the processing of any metals on vertically - and horizontally-boring machines with CNC.

The use of this type of work is typical when machining very complex parts and their elements. This can include various grooves or holes, in the process of manufacturing which requires extreme precision and exact observance of the specified dimensions. When performing such works we use modern equipment, and the work is performed by our highly skilled craftsmen who have extensive experience in working with a single-piece and small-lot products.

Such boring work intended to achieve more accurate dimensions of certain parts, as well as to increase the diameter and size and remove any rough edges and irregularities on the surface of the product. Our company provides the ability to produce coordinate-boring works of any complexity up to 7 precision quality.

All work on the boring are performed on the most advanced boring, milling and lathes. The whole process of drilling is carried out at a relatively slow speed. It allows to produce parts of the highest quality and increased accuracy to one tenth of a millimetre.

The process of boring all of the work our company is built on a strict schedule and in accordance with all norms and international quality standards. In the first place is drilling the metal, after which the hole is expanded by drilling. The final stage of production is itself boring holes, which allows to obtain a necessary item of high quality.

Quality boring bits used when performing such work, can achieve the maximum possible accuracy of the bore. For through holes, our experts use condition of the cutters, and for deaf – resistant.

It is very important point is the lack of spin of the cutter. And it depends on the skill and professionalism of the master, which performs the given action. For quality drilling and precise contact with the pick head in the hole it is necessary to increase the rear angle of the hole itself, while the head must be less. Under these conditions, the process becomes almost jewelry.

High precision bore can be obtained using specialized knives that closely match the diameter of the hole.

Our company offers various kinds of high-precision works. Hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with representatives of industrial and other enterprises.

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