If you require to produce a full automatic cycle of turning the necessary parts and pieces, that is, turning on a modern precision CNC machines, then you will certainly need the expertise of real experts. Our craftsmen are ready to perform works of any complexity, with the number of setups associated with the turning process, will be minimized. Simplicity and high speed of changing settings, and readjustment of the equipment allows to produce an extensive and complete integrated processing any products with a complex profile. Thus, the operation will be executed very quickly – in one installation and only one unit of high-tech equipment. Our machines can be used for different types of production: commercial and individual.

Production of our enterprise is established in such a way that we are able to offer processing of metals and different items at the highest level. At the cost you really will be pleasantly surprised. All this is possible thanks to the invaluable experience of our professionals and equipment with programmed numerical control.

Currently, the company "TEHMASH-UKRAINA" has a lot of specialized turning equipment with embedded computer numerical control, which allows to perform tasks of increased complexity.

Metalworking our company is carried out through the use of bar Turning machining centres CNC TRAUB TNS 30 D, Traub TNS 65 D.

Germany, as it allows to treat any material with high precision and in large numbers.

Specifications Lathe bar stock machining center TRAUB TNS 30 D:

Management system TRAUB SYSTEM TX-8-D
Max. turning length 390 mm.
Max. Ø turning 140 mm.
Max. Ø over bed 390 mm.
The hole in the spindle Ø 30 mm.
The inner diameter of the bearing 90 mm.
The movement of the revolver 1 X/Z 220/140 mm.
The movement of the revolver 2 X/Z 220/140 mm.
The number of tool places 2x12
The footprint tool VDI 30
Feed rate X/Z 10000 mm/min.
Rapid feed rate X/Z 16/15 m/min.
Tailstock: cone, quill DN 42
C-axis with readability 0,001 mm.
The spindle speed 0-5600 rpm.
Spindle power 16 kW.
The revolutions of the drive tool 8000 rpm.
The capacity of the drive tool 2 kW.
The total capacity of the machine 34 kW.
Machine dimensions LxWxH 2,70 х 1,40 х 1,70 m.
The weight of the machine 3,8 ton.

Lathes CNC: Traub Model 30 D and 65 D. Traub Quantity of 5 units.

Mutual and aimed at the result of a cooperation with our company is a direct guarantee of the high quality of your items. Our staff is always ready to take on even the toughest jobs. Years of experience professionals who work in our company, allows us to perform work an individual character. You can make order according to your drawings. Also we can produce work based on the scheme of a part or product that has failed and requires replacement.

Highly qualified professionals of our workforce will gladly make a special unique details of the different types of metals and their alloys. We are such metals as stainless steel, titanium, bronze, brass, aluminum and others.

After clarification of all details and requests, our experts will proceed to the necessary metal parts and products. To do this, you should clarify all the details, agree on the amount of work and the terms of the order and the cost of necessary works.

Turning to us, you will definitely save time and money, and also protect yourself from low-quality turning works, which can bring you lots of problems.

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