Ukrainian production company "TEHMASH-UKRAINA" is ready to accept orders for the mass production of metal structures of any complexity and volume of work. The work can be performed on specific patterns, and on individual drawings or sketches of the customer.

Our company is engaged in own production of various metal structures, which are provided with all kinds of equipment necessary for qualitative work of the enterprise. We employ only professionals and highly skilled craftsmen who are able to perform all their tasks quickly and efficiently. Proper allocation of human and material resources, and the use of sophisticated equipment allows to perform all necessary production and Assembly work.

Any question or suggestion will not remain without attention, if necessary, we are ready to develop special individual plan of work on making the best quality metal structures and products from metal. With all the details will be refined and adjusted according to your needs and desires.

Each client has the ability to track all production processes, and in case of any problems or things that interfere with understanding, they will be instantly eliminated with minimum losses for the client.

Works start will occur only after detailed evaluation of the entire process, gather the necessary set of design documents, drawings and other technical documents and assignments. This approach enables to reduce the likelihood of any problems or defects.

A huge advantage of our company compared to others is its own professional and experienced designers.

The cost of the project or production of any complexity, volume, and nature is calculated for each customer based on his wishes and needs.

All work is carried out using only skilled labor, modern equipment and high quality materials. Our wealth of experience enables to work with large volumes and loads.

Our company is open to new clients. We are ready to work with interesting projects and set long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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