Following modern requirements that must be met in any type of Metalworking, we must start from two basic principles. The first is the ability to maximize the quality and accuracy of the initial blanks, which will allow us to minimize the amount of machining metal. The second is the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the final processing of the metal. To date, such demands are met by only the most modern equipment. Our special machines with CNC, as well as specialized digital control make it possible to implement all the requirements and tasks in the field of mechanical processing of metal and work pieces made of all kinds of steel.

In the case of metal working with use of CNC machines, you have the opportunity to handle a variety of parts and shapes of almost any complexity. In this case, the machining accuracy reaches its maximum rate, and the number of setups is minimized. The use of these machines for metal processing provides maximum performance and profitability in the manufacture of a large number of orders or the large-scale project.

At our company we use only the most modern equipment and a high degree of technical tooling allows our craftsmen to perform work of the highest accuracy and complexity. The materials with which our teams work, can be diverse: stainless steel, titanium, various types of carbon steel.

Production company "TEHMASH-UKRAINA" has three multi-function vertical, horizontal milling centers, CNC Horizontal, vertical milling machining center with program management TSUGAMI Japan; producing high-precision work of any complexity. In addition, 4-axis milling centre (due to the geometry of the working space) allows to handle both small and large parts (blanks) weighing up to 2000 kg.

Specifications: Milling machining centre CNC Tsugami MA 20P 5, control system FANUC 11M:

  • 5-axis horizontal milling 20 pallet machine;
  • moving on axes X/Y/Z 560х350х500 mm.;
  • moving on-axis, 0,001°;
  • the size of the pallet 300x300 mm.;
  • the number of replacement pallets 20;
  • the spindle speed 6,000 rpm;
  • spindle taper BT 40;
  • the number of tools in the store 126.

Specifications: Milling machining centre CNC Tsugami MA 10P 3, control system FANUC 6M:

  • 4-axis horizontal milling 10 pallet machine;
  • moving on axes X/Y/Z 300 x 250 x 400 mm.;
  • table size 300 x 300 mm.;
  • number replacement tables 10;
  • spindle taper BT 40;
  • replacement of tools in the store 32;
  • spindle power 5.5 kW.;
  • spindle speed 4000 rpm.;
  • pallet indexing 1°;
  • machine weight 9000 kg.;
  • machine dimensions 4.2 x 2.6 x 2.5 m.

Also our customers have the opportunity to benefit from services such as milling or turning of various metals and large and small parts.

The company "TEHMASH-UKRAINA" has three multifunctional milling centre is equipped with CNC. And our special modern milling center with 4 axis gives the possibility to work with small and very large parts (up to 500 kg.).

Using the services of our company, you automatically receive the guarantee of the highest quality of service. The end result is always a product of high precision, because our professionals have extensive experience that allows you to do the job quickly, efficiently and without marriage.

Our company is open to customers and representatives, both foreign and domestic enterprises. We are always aiming for successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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