"TEHMASH-UKRAINA" offers its customers and partners high-quality painting of metal products of any shape and destination. We can be made the application of powder coatings on non-ferrous and ferrous metals, commercial equipment, disks, profile, any form of forged products. High-quality powder painting of metal parts and components of cars and motorcycles is one of the main activities of our company.

The advantages of the polymer coating wheels:

  • reliability and durability;
  • resistance to shocks, the influence of the temperature (60150 °C) and water;
  • chemical resistance to solutions of acids and alkalis;
  • high electrical insulating characteristics;
  • high physical-mechanical characteristics;
  • good anti-corrosion properties (due to the smaller porosity);
  • beautiful decorative possibilities.

High quality painting varnish

A special chamber oven for curing paint used in manufacture, has dimensions of mm. 3100х1400х1800 also Provides transportation systems, providing transportation details without the involvement of the person, the chamber for spraying of elements, painting two way camera. We use advanced air cleaning systems and spray guns.

Using the above equipment, we create high-quality painting and coating products with lacquer. The color coating can be adjusted by selecting different options from the pickup samples on a scale of RAL. High performance products after dyeing provide the ability to store them in areas with any humidity.

Possible powder coating products:

  • metal;
  • wrought iron;
  • street lamps;
  • furniture made of metal;
  • window, door furniture;
  • metal doors;
  • home appliances;
  • road wheels other products.

The use of high-tech modern equipment allows us to achieve exceptional quality paint products. Before beginning this process the surface is cleaned, degreased, mechanically cleaned, rinsed, phosphated and dried. In each case the cost of powder coating will depend on the particular order. The technical specification for the implementation of powder coating, you can send e-mail [email protected] We are always happy to come to your aid.

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