Our company has specialized equipment and ultra-modern CNC machines that have been manufactured in Switzerland. This equipment easily allows you to carry out the production of roll-formed shaped elements of various cross section. Parts and products can be made according to production patterns, and on individual drawings and sketches of the customer. The high performance of our equipment allows producing high-quality bending and cutting any kind of metal and metal thickness to 12 mm and length 3000 mm.

In the production of a number of modern press brakes companies which provide high-precision bending of complex parts and guillotine shears with program management АМАDА:

  • Sheet-bending press with CNC "АМАDА HFP 50-3" (maximum bending length 1550 mm, the bending force 1000 kN).
  • Sheet-bending press with CNC "АМАDА HFP 100-3" (max bending length 3000 mm, bending force 1000 kN).
  • Guillotine shears AMADA GS 1230 (maximum length 3000 mm. Ruba).

Our specialists have vast experience in metal processing and sheet metal. Our manufacturing plant is bending and metal cutting any corners and any complexity, made possible by the use of most modern technologies and manufacturing processes with CNC control. In the case that your items will be exposed to operations such as Assembly, painting, welding, you just need to use the service bending sheet metal. Because this type of work is characterized by Supreme precision, uniqueness and reliability of the obtained angles. Using various tools, we are manufacturer of metal bending in the range from 0.5 to 12 mm, the radius can be almost anything, and the length to reach 3000 mm.

The CNC bending machines allow to perform complex spatial bending of sheet metal with length up to 3000 mm. (depending on metal thickness).

The inner radius obtained by bending approximately equal to the thickness of the metal. For example, if the bending is subjected to a metal thickness of 2 mm, the inner radius will be 2.1-2.5 mm. Inner radius less than the thickness of the sheet is valid only on soft, easily deformable material, for example copper.

Specifications of press brakes with CNC Аmada:

  • Bending length up to 3100 mm.
  • Max. sheet thickness 12 mm.
  • Accuracy ± 0.01 mm.
  • Between uprights 3150 mm.
  • Stroke 200 mm.
  • Between table and slider 400 mm.
  • Control CNC.

All production technology, bending, cutting different types of metal goes in full automation. Technology special laser cutting your metal and high-precision bending of sheet metal parts and pieces gives you the opportunity to forget about using cliches on production, and also to obtain the ability to produce parts of high accuracy linear dimensions and angles. Besides professional bending of metal structures allows to obtain a monolithic structure is entirely seamless type. As is known, the welding seams are the most fragile and vulnerable point of any metal. It is in such places there is an increased likelihood of corrosion of the metal, and, accordingly, the integrity or tightness of the whole structure. The bending may be almost all metal products, excluding delicate metals.

It is possible to produce drawings on natural samples. If necessary, consulting on technical matters and developments in drawings.

Preference is given serial order. Production time is agreed individually for each batch of order.

For bending on CNC machines, files (drawings showing all sizes) are accepted in the format *.dxf (AutoCAD), *.dwg (AutoCAD) or *.SLDPRT.

Also, a separate file is sent to the scan details in 1:1 scale. If You drawing in any other format or which is made on the paper, the cost of translation into one of the three formats evaluated separately.

The best way to order is by e-mail. Complete the application for placement of order (quotation) and send it to us by Email.

Upon receipt of request from You, we do the calculation of cost and terms of the order, send You a full response in the form of commercial proposal.

I want to draw attention also to the fact that the company "TEHMASH-UKRAINA" is glad to any kind of mutually beneficial cooperation with representatives of foreign and domestic production enterprises and firms.

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